Taurus (The Bull!) ♉

Taurus, the second sign in the zodiac calendar. You are a Taurus if you are born between the dates of 20th April- 20th May. You are a fixed sign meaning that you struggle with change and can often refuse to accept it at first. Your main colour is green and you are a Earth Sign.

Positive Traits

Taurus’s are very reliable individuals, if you want some help they are the best person to ask. They are very grounded and see things realistically and are very resourceful. They are very good at learning to love where they are being comfortable with their surroundings. They are very sensory loving individuals and have excellent taste in music and art. They are very artistic and love to surround themselves with what in their opinion they consider art which makes them very cool people to be around since they will always have a very comforting presence. Taurus’s are also very kind and have good intentions usually.

Negative Traits

Taurus’s are very stubborn and this can lead to them being hard to deal with and if they cant get their way they can come across as rude and ungrateful. This ties into them being very materialistic. Taurus’s are also very possessive and selfish, they can come across as controlling and harshly hurtful when angry.


Taurus is most compatible with other Earth Signs and Water Signs.

Taurus is most compatible with: Another Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

They are least Compatible with: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Why you should love being an Taurus!

Taurus’s are one of the most kindest zodiac signs and the most reliable. They are always looking to expand their minds creative wise and have excellent taste in food. You love making sure your friends happy and never let yourself or others have negative or pessimistic mindsets. Your romantic and have a strong connection to nature.

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