Aries! (The Ram!)

Aries, the very first sign in the zodiac calendar. You are an Aries if you are born between the dates of March 21st- April 19th. Your a Cardinal sign meaning you look forward and have an open mind to change. Your main colour is red and you are a Fire Sign.

Positive Traits

Aries people are very brave and are one of the most likely signs to stand up for what they believe in. They can come across as very overly opinionated but thats because they are passionate about what they say. An Aries person will have very confident energy and seem very courageous. They always have tons of optimism and are very enthusiastic about what and who they love. They are the kind of person who will have your back no matter what and is super ambitious. They reach for the stars and have no problem being honest to you.

Negative Traits

Oh Aries… where do I begin? Aries have a large competitive nature which although can be a good thing it isn’t always needed in sensitive situations. They can often come across as trying to one up you on basically anything and are the type of person who if is put in an activity that involves more than one people its instantly computation. However this doesn’t apply to every Aries. A common Aries negative trait is their aggression. An Aries is very hot headed and impatient and their sad side can often come across as aggression. They can also be impulsive and will likely keep making the same mistakes for a while. Not to mention very defensive and easily agitated.


Aries is compatible with other Fire signs and Air signs.

Aries is most compatible with: Another Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini.

They are least compatible with: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio

Why you should love being an Aries!

Aries is one of the most bravest signs and most confident. Even if you do not feel like that applies you probably give of that energy and those close to you feel protected and happy around you. Your view of life is very much towards the future and if anyone messes with your friends they mess with you. Your protective of those you care about. Your loyal and your aggression makes others know to not mess with you. Your a natural born leader and the Alpha of the group.

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Sunflower girl (Poem)

She sits in society as the freak. Told how to act, how to dress how to speak

She is always true to herself and believed for a happy end. Even when her friends were the same generic blend.

The Roses tried to put her down for her seedy freckles and beliefs of light

She tried to fight with words knowing she was right

Bee’s would try and take her pollen and make her like the rest

The pressure to be a rose and not herself made her feel oppressed

She was interested in reaching for the stars and being tall in dreams

Rose’s always envy that with their stale generic green leaves

The tree’s spoke to Sunflower and told her that she is unique

And although things when they get tough seem bleak

Her differences are her strength’s in life that will cheer her on forever

She listened and smiled knowing luck was wished for her endevour

So although the Rose’s tease and try and bring her down

She knows everything is okay with her golden sky high crown

When a sunflower is born into a world of rosey red

They continue to be the sun and shine light and love on everyone instead

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Music taste

Music can be a magical thing for some and an escape for instance some use it to relief stress. I personally tend to listen to different types of music depending on my mood. For example if I feel emotional I listen to Lofi or slowed down songs. I tend to find myself loving most genre’s and having an appreciation for them. My top genres that I listen to the most are Indie, Lofi, Japanese music, Classical, Acoustic and Rock of all types. However my favourites always change so this may not be accurate in the future. If there are any genres I do not like then I would have to say Pop. I tend to find it can be really generic and uncreative. Not to mention they usually don’t have any outstanding qualities. However alternative pop is usually something I may listen to rarely since it’s slightly better. I think pop music used to be good when artist were more expressive and made music for the love of it.

When I talk to my friends and peers about their music tastes I tend to find it matches their personality. For example when I talk to my introverted friends they are more into songs like Rock/Metal or emotional pop/remix’s.

When I speak to some of my extroverted friends they tend to like Pop or Rap music.

Music taste is a great way to bond with someone and learn about them and find common ground. Its also personal to you and the most powerful thing music can do is bring nostalgia or inspiration.

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