Just played Among us for the first time.

If you ask me the game is overhyped for what it is. I am not saying it is an awful game or a bad just simply overhyped for a casual game. The game is more fun played with friends and family but with strangers in public lobby’s there is not much communication and it turns into a meeting of just randomly voting without any evidence. Like I said this was my first time playing so this will not be my whole and final opinion on the game. The game uses little skill when you play as the crewmate because all you do is click and drag objects without any thought. Paper’s Please is a Click and Drag game but it requires analysis and puzzle solving. When playing as the imposter you do need to be more stealthy but personally I found there was not much fun playing as this role due to the lack of thinking you had to do.

In conclusion I would say that Among us is over hyped due to popular steamers playing the game and lacks depth. What you see is what you get and what I see is a casual game. I am not bashing the people who play the game nor am I trying to offend the game’s creators. It is just my opinion that this game is given more praise than it needs.

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