Cancer (The Crab!) ♋

Cancer is the fourth sign in the Zodiac Calendar. Your a Cancer if you are born between the dates of June 21st and July 22nd. You are a cardinal sign and your main colour is white. Cancer is a water sign.

Positive Traits

Cancer’s have a huge imagination and are known to be creative. This means they are often very talented when it comes to Acting, Painting, singing or any type of artistic hobby. Cancer’s are very emotionally intelligent, they are able to see from someone else’s point of view and how they might feel. Cancer’s are also heavily persuasive people and if they really want something from someone they can get it. Loyalty is also a big Cancer trait especially when it comes to their friends! When it comes to the friend group Cancer’s are often one of the most loyal and sensory. They are very nurturing and love to be around children . (This applies mostly to female Cancer’s)

Negative Traits

Cancer’s can be very manipulative and moody at times. They often don’t like to show their vulnerable side to those they are close with and will be suspicious of everyone if given the slightest wrong look. Cancer’s may like to act like they are happy and fine but you can never be too careful since if they are in a bad mood they can act out of character and become a lot more unstable. Whether that be in any emotion.


A Cancer is most compatible with other Water Signs and Earth Signs.

Cancer’s are most compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo

Cancer is least compatible with: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries

Why you should love being a Cancer

Cancer’s are very creative and imaginative. Your ability to get anything you desire by being able to persuade others is scarily impressive and your loyalty to others is all to rare in this modern world. You are known for your artistic talents and friendly nature.

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  1. Definitely good at persuading people (take that Tory twitter) but you missed the bit about liking kids. Keep up the good content, can’t wait for the next post.

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